if you lost a follower, there is a good chance it was me.

  after nearly six months have gone by, i think it’s safe to say that for me this chapter is closed. this tumblr will exist as an archive, but won’t be updated any longer. my personal blog is yaranyarai. thanks for the times, folks!


the robot shirt became significantly more interesting to me when i realised it was hollow on the inside

now, if you’ll excuse me. [x]

best day of my life

for the [Dark V] imperial agent 

   "Hunter and Cipher Nine. They -- they're the tough ones. They play the game right --"

  "Don't ever compare yourself to me."

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yeah sure! hope it helps! 

it’s sort of an accepted thing in mmos that you should put your guard/vigilance skill on the healer. a lot of people  perpetuate this, so new players never learn to question it, which is i think how most people on tumblr learned to think this. someone in a pug probably yelled at them to do it with no explanation.

the amount of threat generated by healing doesn’t even come close to approaching tank threat in 99% of situations — an even passable dps will out-threat generate a healer every single time. combine that with a healer’s lower risk for collateral damage (less likely to be in melee range) and lower liability (more self-preservation utility), there’s almost never any real benefit to guarding your healer.

obviously there are exceptions! but i get the feeling that now that you’ve got the concept you can probably already visualise them

>Enter flashpoint, tank puts guard on healer






That’s kind of how you do it

why wouldnt you put guard on a healer

im really confused

guard is usually more beneficial on a dps. good snipers, people dropping heavy aoes or cleaves, mob collateral damage, or even pulls where it takes the tank a second to gather everything. a dps is more likely to take fire than a healer. so instead of throttling your dps, you guard them.

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