"He’ll betray you. He’ll do anything for the right price! He won’t even need a price. He’ll do you just like he did the others."

Solace smiled. She always smiled, when thinking about Jack. Her dark eyes shone with such obvious sincerity that the cold, plain truth of her words bit the air they rode on. ”Jack is faithful to me, little creature,” she answered. “He will not betray me, because he does not do my work for money.”

The thing on the ground at her feet made a face that was half smirking disbelief and half revulsed, nauseated pain. “You’re c— you’re crazy, lady. You don’t know shit about Cody.”

Solace rose to her feet. There would be no turning this one, and no time remained. She was not disappointed, though — for here he came, all shutters and bars, all violence and misery and the smoking barrel of a gun. He scowled at her when he saw her, and he scowled when he looked at the soldier staked to the ground.

She did know Jack Cody. Disciple or assassin, he would be hers either way, and her name would sing. She could feel it, and it thrilled her all the way down to the base of her spine.

"Jack," the Sith lord said, "I am through with this one."

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