thanks to the folks who came out to re-activate XD-80 today.
even if you will probably regret it.

loved this one; ran fast-paced and fun. stay tuned for more spinclan events storytold by doyouseeksolace.¬†and hey, everyone’s welcome to join in.

Posted: Fri March 8th, 2013 at 12:25am
Tagged: swtor roleplay spinclan ebon hawk
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  1. funk-yeah said: Oh man, that is just great.
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    monco alshain, great with technology
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    I will never not be disappointed that I missed this.
  4. volcaniclatina said: WHOPROGRAMMEDHTIshkdg
  5. infiniteprobabilities said: I really wish I could have made this…looks like it was tons of fun!
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